Hi there lovely people of every color and creed! Shannon again! We’re continuing our exciting march toward ADVENTURE TIME #2, out next Wednesday, 3/14! Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite panels from the issue with all of you fine folks! Shelli and Braden are magical art wizards.

Some of you had some questions on my last post! Specifically, “WHERE THE DEVIL CAN I GET MY HANDS ON THIS THING?!” Well, I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE OPTIONS:

  • Support your local comic shop! You can use this website to find the closest one to you. Perhaps you have never gone to one before! Trust me, there is so much good stuff happening in these places.
  • Perhaps you live in the boonies! As someone who grew up in the mountains like a shoeless hobo, I can relate to this. Don’t worry your head about it! You can pre-order it online here! They’ll send it right to your house!
  • Perhaps you own an electronic device! I hear they are the future. If so, next Wednesday you can buy it on Comixology here.

HOORAH! What a delight. More to come tomorrow!